Jinan, the capital of Shandong sits atop 800 springs and surrounds Daming Lake. Enjoy the baddling springs or take a boat tour of Daming Lake. 

Baotu Spring, the most magnificent of artisan wells was declared the ''Number One Spring under Heaven''by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty. This splendorous spring hosts The Lantern Festival, which begins the Chinese New Year and lasts for one month.


Tai'an, known as the Foot of Mount Tai, is the home of the Neolithic Dawenkou culture, which existed about 6,000 years ago an is known for its incredible pottery.


Mount tai is the most revered of the five sacred mountains and is where Heaven meets Earth.This majestic mountain will leave you awe-struck.


Weifang is the Kite Capital of China and hosts the annual Kite Festival, where  you will enjoy the magnificent sight at the thousands of kites in the sky.


Qingdao is a charming metropolis on the Eastern shore of Shandong, its home to a unique mix of European and Asian culture. Quingdao is renowned for Tsingdao beer, breathtaking beaches and colonial architecture. If you'er looking fir a mix of the contemporary and traditional, you will love Quingdao.


Fantawild Dream Kingdom is regarded as an oriental Fantasy Land, but others call it Chinese Disneyland. Fantaworld offers fun for the whole family and features Venetian carnival costumes, roller coastes, terracotta warriors, dinosaurs and a performance of the 16th Century novel A Journey to the West.


Beer connoisseurs will enjoy a tour of the famed Tsingtao brewery. The Tsingtao Beer Museum fives visitors a glimpse into the making of this German style beer. The building dates back to 1903, and has a history as unique as the beer made there. Visitors can sample the various freshly brewed beers and buy souvenirs.


Qufu, the hometown of Confucius, boasts having many noteworthu temples, palaces and cemeteries. If you're a history buff, you'll find yourself in Qufu.

San Kong, or The Tree Confucian Sites are a must see. These UNESCO protected wonders are epicenters of living culture, including The Temple of Confucius, The Kong Family Mansion and The Cemetery of Confucius.


Zaozhuang is known as the Biggest Pomegranate Orchard and the home of the philosopher Mozi.


The World Cultural Heritage site of Tai'erzhuang Ancient Town is at the center of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand canal, nestled in Zaozhuang City. It's known as being the most beautiul water town in China.


1. Direct flight from San Francisco to Qingdao every Tuesday and Thursday.

2. Direct flight from Los Angeles to Jinan every Wednesday.



1. From Beijing to Jinan 1.5 hours, from Shanghai to Jinan 4.5 hours.

2. From Beijing to Qingdao 4.5 hours, from Shanghai to Qingdao 6.5 hours.

1. Fast and convenient application for a group visa with the help of Travel Agents.

2. Application for infividual travelers at the Chinese Embassy or consulates in the US, bring: valid passport, filled visa application form, passport size photo and a valid plane ticket booking, proof or reservation or a invitation letter.

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