Did you know that you can avail the free Korea Tour offered by Incheon Airport?


 free korea trnsit tour  

* The  transit passengers who must be eligible to enter Korea

* The transit passenger who has same day connecting flight from third countries to other 

   third countries within  24 hours.

* The passengers do not need to visa to enter Korea under bilateral visa agreement or 

    visa waiver program.

* The passengers should always ensure beforehand that your passport is not an    

    exempt country.

※ If immigration Bureau refused your entry, you can’t participate the free transit tour. 
※ The transit tour only able to participate when the transit tour passengers are at the passenger terminal.​


Sometimes Airlines, such as Asiana Airlines has long layover in Incheon Airport.

In that case, you can take free tour and discover South Korea!! 

There is many couses availabe. The Free tour ranges starting from 1 hrs.

 Splendors of Japan and Korea 15 Days   

Price Starting

from $3199.00 with Air

Thailand Allure 12 Days

Price Starting

from $1499.00 with Air

Beijing 5 Days 4 Nights Visa Free City Tour

Price Starting

from $99.00

Land Tour

Land Tour

Shanghai 6 Days 5 Nights Visa Free City Tour

Price Starting

from $129.00

Land Tour

Canton 5 Days 4 Nights Visa Free City Tour

Price Starting

from $159.00