1. Inquirer

You can visit, call or e-mail us for your travel plan, such as your desired travel date, choice of airlines. 

 2. Free Consulting

We will offer best fare to you by you visiting in person, by the phone, or via E-mail at your own convenience.

3. Book The Flights/ Making The Reservation

Once you agree the price and time of the flights, we will book the flights. In accordance with the U.S. government's Secure Flight Program, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires all passengers full name and date of birth information at least.​ You need to provide us all passengers name EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS ON HIS/HER PASSPORT. Please bring passport (s) when you visit us.You can e-mail us the passport information as well. If you do not provide full and correct information during the booking procedure, you may not be able to permitted to check in at the airport.

 5. Follow up

 If there is schedule change of your booked flights, we will notify you before the trip & during the trip via e-mail. If you have any questions, please contact us. Also, please share your feedback with us!!

4. Final Confirmation

We will show you or send you the itinerary for you to verify everything before ticketing. This is the last chance for you to change travel date. Please note for name change, it can not to be changed after booking is made. We need to make new reservation so, please let us know immediately if you notice the name spelling is wrong.